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On the night of 12/14/13 I purchased an E-ciggarette from a local Shell gas station produced by the company named Square Smoke. The product was DOA - "dead on arrival" so naturally I contacted the said company the next day about their faulty product.

It took them two weeks to respond to my email about my purchase and apologized for their defective product and told me to ship the product to their quality control department and they would make good and send me a new product.

Well, it's 1/31/14 and I've yet to get a product or response for shipping the product to them. I hope no one else will waste their precious time with Square Smoke.

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Square smokes - Short on product


I went and bought a smokeless cig, on monday and by wed. morning it didn't work.They say it has 500 puffs, bullshtttt,I hardly used it maybe 200 puffs just afther dinner each day.Then the next morning I went to use it it was out.

No smokeless cig.

Called the company the answer was oh you took to big of drags off of it and thats the way it is.So it does not have 500 puffs 2 packs of cigs like they say it does?????? so i will not buy it any more maybe you can stop these crooks from lieing, thank you

Monetary Loss: $9.

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